Q. Does the Public Insurance Adjuster work for me or the insurance company?


A. A Public Insurance Adjuster is the only adjuster that works for you. The Company Adjusters and even the Independent Adjusters are paid by and work for the insurance company. For insurance claim help in Central Florida and throughout the State of Florida, call us.

Q. Why do I need to hire a Public Insurance Adjuster to represent my interests in the claims process?


A. When you call in your claim to the insurance company, the first contact that you will receive a return call from is the adjuster they have assigned to your case. This adjuster is paid by the insurance company, works for the insurance company, and acts as their expert in the evaluation of your damages. Just like the insurance company needs their expert in the field; you need your expert to represent your best interests. For denied or underpaid insurance claims in Central Florida and statewide, call us.

Q. I’m not happy with the amount the insurance company gave me, but I cashed the check. Is it too late to get help?


A. In the vast majority of the cases, it is not too late. Please call so that we can discuss the particular circumstances surrounding your case. Always free consultations and no upfront fees. Let us answer any questions you might have regarding problems with insurance claims in Central Florida and statewide.